Monday, 13 February 2012

- My Life My Choice My World -

My past has'nt been so much great but misery .. I know i may not be a perfect person as you all n as good looking as other ,, know who i really am , No need to says bad things about me , because althought i made many mistake in my past , GOD gave me a new ways n new chapter of life , so Please i'm beggin to all that doesnt Like me , just accept the fact we r never meant to be like each other ,, say bad things bout me , all i can said is THANKYOU for sayin my NAME again N again just to ruin my LIfe , just wait N see , i won't do any harm to anyone , but i notice n i learnt that what GOES AROUND COMES AROUND ,. Heppy Valentine Days to All yank sambut keys . AHA ,, N i wish every Couple had a best relationship of theire LIfe :) . . My life doesn't go pretty well as i was PLAN before but im BLESSED everyday of My life cus GOD gave me the best Mother in the world , a perfect family , perfect friends(Except Frienemies) , n a perfect world to LIve for :) ,, i usually doesn't speek up person as other because i know ,  (mcm mana pun kita ckap mulut orang nada akn berdiam) aha . grrr ! aha ,, so appreciate la everyone yank we kenal , cus when WORLD ENDS we all aren't STRANGERS that time :') , believe me , so sementara masih AMAN stop la (say behind people , says nonsense things bout other) makes sure we MIRROW ourself first before sayin other , and i always forgive people had done mistake to me cus i know if GOD can forgive our SINS why would not us to forgive our own Friends aite :') , Think wisely , we all are the same , ., AITE ? :'D ..

I really Hope i found someone that is really being themself without being fake or pretending , I've promised to myself that Once i found one i try to make her my last even it's Imposible , every problem must comes with solution .. so there's must be a ways tha sayin this word ( BREAK Up ) .. so once u in my life there no way out . aisehseh , aha , I try to be matured in relationship :) grr ! I knows i am not alone when Im single but someday someone must needs somebody :'D , hea .. so make sure you really love me n really wanted a real relationship . hea ,. " IF i had you , there would be nothin that i ever need than you "  Im a human that searching for Heppines with someone as other people does :3 , so let's " meet someone new , like them m know them , love them ,KEEP them n makes them ours " ! :)

My Name is MIKHAIL , You know my name ,
but NOT my story ..
remember MY name but Not My Past .
I'm Livin present LIFE n searching for Future Life as well <3

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