Monday, 20 February 2012

- Family Dimension -

Top Left hand side - 
_ Mirzan Bin Mohd Zalwan _
he's really a naughty person to be true , like to bullying me n my lil sis that , actually lil bro this is cruel to me n her , aha , he's always have the advantage such as cryin in front of mamy . he's such an intelligent noy to be honest . I love him a lot . Even he's cruel n naughty but he always be my favourite lil boy , He's my BOI . aha .. he's still young , he just primary 3 and schooling at SK PENAMPANG .. he's very a shy person such as me n my lil sis :) . aha . same la kami tiga mank serupa niyh . aha ! .

Bottom right hand side -
_ Mishalyn Binti Mohd Zalwan _
she's really an adorable person to be honest that have a sweet smile n a great heart . just sometimes she get's overwhelm by her bad attitude . aha . she's really friendly and talented person , HONESTLY , both my lil is more clever than i do , aha , well them both we're hardworking but im'ma a bit lazy , I also Love her no matter what . hee . she's really love taking picture of her own as other's girls does aite ? aha .. she's also quite in young age . she's will turn 13th on september 15 .. she's schooling at SMK LIMBANAK . honestly in my my personal view , that's school is awesome n beautiful .. And all of you must know that this girl is really PICKY when turn to find clothe's , food's , anything la , she's really hard to settle with :D . aha .. I know her well :) ..

Bottom Left hand side -
_ Zalena Binti Mohd Salleh _
she's is my role model . she inspire me more than anything , she is very beautiful , very nice , had a sweet smile , and more in my personal view :) . I Love her more than anything , she the reason why im writting all about this n for all the thing's happend in my life :') . everything past through her , she's my LIFESAVER , without her im nothin . i never quite respect her but i try to respect her in every ways cus she's done quite a lot in my life and to our FAMILY . My mother in my life is such as a Heart in my chest where she's the one that keep my heart beating n running every second , in other word to said she is my (heartbeat) to my HEart .. Gosh ! i hope i done quite well than enought to make it up for all the thing's that she ever done to me :') .. Oh God , i never have the courage to luahkan my feelings to her privately but i hope this is the much more better way's to show the world that my mother is my everything ! <3 . she's never knew how much i need her , i miss her , ILOVEher everyday .. i just patiently till my heart to open to said about her here ,,
i know you suffer a lot by dad in past but be strong cus i ready to step up when needed to be there when you need me ,
Honestly , Im start falling tears while writting this journal ..
Thanx GOD cus Gave me a MUm full of Greatness :')

Lastly but not least ..

Top right hand side -
_ Mikhail Bin Mohd Zalwan _
yeah its me , i know im'ma not a perfect friend to u guys , a perfect son to my mums but im bless cus i had a perfect world to Live with and a perfect friends&family <3 .. i ody told u guys about me . i know my past hasn't be such convicing or an honour to said with but im still learning about LIVING . so Forgive me if i ever done wrong to u guys .. Im not a perfect person .. yeah ! This is my last year at secondary school at SMK BAHANG . SPM SPM . is the ony thing's that im tryin to repay my mom . there more to come about me , just keep on viewing aite ? i will keep it update to u . I've promise every bad , good story about me ,

HEART <3 ..

- true statement by MIkh'z -
mY fAV numb is ..
_ 11 _

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