Monday, 20 February 2012

- AHa . Muka-muka budak alim's time ceramah :D -

aha . well , this was taken by school photograhpy . aha . Don't have much to said bout this :) . just ini lah pelajar Smk Bahang's surau look's like :) .. simple but cold inside . malar time tuh panas pula kerana terlalu full niyh one surau .. teka aa if u can spot where i am :) . if u spot than you are sharp in finding things .. aha . semua muka pun serious niyh time penceramah , but dlm proses itu there's a lot good advise and motivation that been given to use to motivate good thing's from now on . aha .. sometimes it's make i realise that sometimes we did can make other's feel less confort without realise our attitude even if we are joking around :') .

neway , i've learnt every single day to be a better person for the next next day .. becus we don't have FOREVER to LIVE aite ? so why not learnt from yesterday and make a better day for tomorrow .. hea .

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