Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Last Day Here At  Asrama (PULAKOP)

aha . yeah i arrive here asrama on 13th February 2012 until today 15th February 2012 . here i have know many new friends . hee , there guys are very friendly n nice :) , aha . i know my picture is not GOOD-LOOKING guy as other's but im BLESS with the creation of GOD to me . I'm statisfie enough , so if you talk negative bout me , shame on you because in this world we all are the same :) , nothin of we have is last forever but if do GOOD DEEDS thats count the most . so if you HATED me ? Ignore me , dont even bother bout it , aha .. but in my BOOKs in this world no one is perfect but i know everyone is perfect enough to be who they really am .
- so before sayin about other's make sure you are 100% perfect in GOD view kys ? if not , stop sayin bad bout me and other's , stop doin SINS to yourself okaeys :) ,. If your past has many bad things happends to you  , just stay positive and patient because " somewhere somehow sometimes " there's always a way to find a better day in future :) . Like everyone said " Yesterday is a history , Today is present , Hope's for tomorrow " (Lupa sua me tuh pepatah, janji same bunyi . aha . sorrie aa)
- Bad thing's that i ever witness here is i saw somethin weird(makluk halus) with my besties c HAmdan Otai . aha . freaking n make my spirit down , around 10 midnight upwards . aha ..

share any problem with me if you wanted for , cus i just be a good friends to everyone , we all are no STRANGER in my Book's .. " Be good to me , i be nicer to you , Do bad to me , wish you Luck "

- My Name , My Attitude , My Sins , My Life -
- Mikhail Bin Mohd Zalwan -
- true statement by my own -

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